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How to Exhibit

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Accepting new applications have been closed on June 18, 2021.

Party and products qualified for the exhibition

  • Party qualified for the exhibition
    A corporation acknowledged by the organizers to fall under all of 1, 2 and 3 below can apply to participate in the Exhibition. The application cannot be submitted through a third party, such as an advertising agency.
    No party qualified for exhibition, except for a corporation falling under the party qualified for exhibition iv. or v., may participate to exhibit only exhibits whose scheduled release date exceeds one year from the exhibition period or has not yet been determined.

     1. A corporation that falls under any of the following
      1. Corporation that manufactures or distributes home care and rehabilitation equipment  
      2. Corporation engaged in home care and rehabilitation equipment rentals  
      3. Corporation that manufactures or sells business software for welfare services  
      4. Public organization or public-service corporation that supports companies i through iii  
      5. Organization or research institution related to welfare equipment

 2. A corporation not in a patent infringement or other dispute thereby causing damage to a third party

 3. A corporation not engaged in any sales activities such as advertisement or solicitation regarding facility welfare service or in-home welfare service, and products other than suitable products, etc.

  • Products qualified for the exhibition
    Products that may be exhibited are home care and rehabilitation equipment that promotes independent lifestyles of elderly and disabled persons (and children), and nursing care equipment and goods categorized below.
    1. Mobility equipment, mobility aid products  
    2. Vehicles for disabled persons and related devices  
    3. Bed related  
    4. Bathing equipment  
    5. Toilet/Diaper related
    6. Clothes/Clothes changing aids
    7. Communication / monitoring equipment
    8. Construction and home equipment
    9. Rehabilitation and care prevention equipment
    10. Prosthesis and orthosis
    11. Daily living aids
    12. Cooking aids
    13. Environmental installation and welfare equipment for welfare facilities
    14. Infection prevention products
    15. Management information systems for home and institutions

Types of participation/Participation fees

  • Types of participation/Participation fees
    H.C.R. offers “Booth participation” that is exhibiting at Aomi exhibition halls and “Online participation” that is exhibiting online at H.C.R. official site only. See below for details.

Suppl. 1 Booth style

Linear booth: side by side, a maximum of 4 booths


Peninsula booth: three sides adjacent to the aisle, 4 (2x2) booths may be requested


Suppl. 2 Basic booth specification

* System wall partitions: white, 1 m of both of the side walls from the front aisle will be left open
* Carpet is not included


Suppl. 3 Outline of “online participation” at H.C.R. official site

On the H.C.R. official site, all exhibitors will be provided an online participation page where the exhibitor may use following functions and tools. The system will be available until 5:00pm on December 10 (Fri.), 2021

      1. Upload and update the Exhibitor information and products information
      2. Upload product information and/or videos (materials and video data will be prepared by the exhibitor)
      3. Inquiry chat
      4. Installation of link buttons for online business meetings and/or online appointment systems (exhibitors will prepare the system to use)
      5. Acquisition of visitor information


Image view: 1 column for 4 products

Suppl. 4 “福祉機器ガイドブック 2021” (Home Care and Rehabilitation Equipment Guidebook)


Form: A4 size (297 mm x 210 mm), 4 colors
Contents: Exhibitor information (exhibitor name, booth no., postal address, TEL, URL), Exhibits information (product name, a brief PR, Price, etc.)
Number of copies printed: 4,000 (plan)
Scheduled date of publication: October 11 (Mon.), 2021
The contents will be uploaded on H.C.R. official site


Application procedures and requirements

See below chart for application process.

Deadline of (A) has been extended till May 31 (Mon.). "Application Request Form" in [Application Documents] has been revised. 

COVID-19 related regulations

  • COVID-19 infection prevention measures
    For booth participants: Please take the following infection prevention measures thoroughly. The organizers plan to prepare a separate guideline based on the trends of new coronavirus infections.
  1. Arrange booths and equipment on the premise of avoiding three Cs; three conditions that facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact)
  2. Measure the temperature of exhibiting staff and visitors
  3. Request visitors to disinfect their hands and wear masks
  • Suspension of the exhibition due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic
    Upon request to refrain from holding large-scale events, etc. depending on the situation of COVID-19, the regular exhibition at exhibition halls will be suspended and online exhibition will be only held.
    In such a case, the organizers shall deem an application by an exhibitor applying for booth participation to be replaced with an application for “online participation only.” The organizers shall charge the participation fee, etc. again, or refund an amount after deducting the amount equivalent to the participation fee for “online participation only” from the amount already received.
    If an exhibitor sends a written intention (such as by emails or documents) to decline its “online participation only,” a cancellation fee shall be charged pursuant to the provision on participation cancellation.


Late April Start issuing participation approval and invoice
April 30 (Fri.) Close applications for booth participation
June 18 (Fri.) Close applications for online participation
June 25(Fri.) Booth location assignment notice
Start downloading floor plan, list of exhibitors, Exhibitor’s Manual Distribution of floor, plan
July 1 (Thur.) Exhibitor briefing (tentative)
October 11 (Mon.) “福祉機器ガイドブック2021” (Home Care and Rehabilitation Equipment Guidebook) is to be published
November 8 (Mon.)
November 9 (Tue.)
Move-in and set up “booth participation”
 November 10 (Wed.) to November 12 (Fri.) H.C.R. 2021 Move-out

The schedule is subject to change.

Application Documents download